What we offer

We are almost certain,

that if you like to do things your way,

you’ve got loads of ideas,

you like to learn and try new things

– we’ll enjoy working together.


You will typically join us at analyst or programmer level and grow gradually to take the role of consultant, project manager or IT architect. You will have the possibility to choose the direction of your career: business, technical or both. We will also give you the opportunity to lead other people and build relationships with our Customers and Partners.


If you decide to join our team, we can promise you that:

You will participate in meaningful projects.

You will do impor­tant things and we will let you show your skills, spread your wings and test your boun­da­ries on ver­sa­tile projects.

We promise, that your superior won’t hover over you, showing you what to do step-by-step.

You won’t get bored – we work on different projects, with wide range of topics.

We will accompany you in your progress and if you ever have doubt – we will be just a few steps or a phone call away.

We will ask for you opinion, because we love new ideas and fresh, clever solutions – we own 70 white boards that we fill with things we find interesting.

You’re still a student? Great! We will try to work around your class schedule.


Check out, how to join us

1. You send us your application form.

2. We carefully analyze your CV.

3. Our HR representative invites selected candidates for an interview.

4. Then we ask you to take some relevant test (for programmers and analysts/consultants) – everyone receives our feedback.

5. At the second meeting, we will discuss the project that you could be participating in.

6. And then you come to work :)

Send us your CV!

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