About Payarto

Payarto is an interesting combination of young or relatively young people,

who have gained their experience working for big financial institutions

and international consulting companies.

We combine the energy and enthusiasm typical

for ambitious graduates with extensive experience of the company founders.

We provide consulting services as well as IT solutions for all the participants of the payment ecosystem, whether they are a part of an international bank, a local transaction processor or a startup, that is trying to lead the way to innovation and needs a little help. We are mainly interested in electronic payments and all their new capabilities: technological, business, legal and organizational. Our interests place us right in the middle of a dynamically growing sector of electronic payments, that each and every one of us uses every day.

Our main goal is to make Payarto a default domain for all the clients working in the electronic payment sector. To reach that goal, we are looking for the biggest talents, we give them a chance to grow, and we provide our clients with the best service possible, to build a long lasting relationship.

We support our clients in their specialized fields, such as: issuing payment cards, accepting electronic payments, sales management, electronic channels, reporting, IT security, maintenance and development of systems, so called front and back office..

Our support comes as either business consulting or IT delivery. The end result of the former is usually an analysis document whereas the end result of the latter has to be a working IT solution.


How does it work

We use a project-based system, usually work in small groups together with the client, which gives us the sense of responsibility for the final product as well as a huge satisfaction. We divide tasks between our team members, so every one of them has a significant part to deliver. We understand the meaning of ‘deadline’, so we all support each other during the process. We may differ personally, but we unite in delivering you the best quality work.


Transactional business never sleeps!

24/7, 365 days a year, thousands of ATMs, even more POS, hundreds of thousands of e-commerce shops, millions of debit cards.


We conduct projects on working systems. What we do, makes it possible for you to make a payment at any given time or place.

Size matters!

And because Payarto is a small company, we all stay in touch with each other.


This part of business is unique, this is why we attract exceptional people – we are powered by action and the fact, that we make difference in everyday lives. Yes, it’s a huge responsibility, but it only makes us want to do more.


We like to be versatile, we work with programmers specializing in electronics, web aps, mobile and server systems, analysts, and we invite all the ones interested to visit the center of transactional business – London, Paris, Frankfurt or Rijad.

What we do


We take part in long-term implementation projects, complex changes in our clients’ IT, strategic analyses, regulatory audits, and we develop our own solutions.

It’s our foundation and favorite competence. We provide a wide range of services in the field:

  • business plan and business case preparation,
  • feasibility study preparation and profitability analysis of new businesses, e.g. payment acceptance network,
  • analyses of the contactless, mobile and remote payment market,
  • preparation of the business model description,
  • valuation of payments services providers,
  • expert services with regards to valuations of payment sector members implementation project supervision, i.e. implementation of new payment cards, launch of a new payment model, cooperation with payment organizations, subcontractors, etc.,
  • client support during the VISA and MasterCard certification process (NIV/Base2, ADVT/TIP, CPV, ETED),
  • IT system audit and preparation for the PSD, PCIDSS, PTS, SRED, PA certifications,
  • RFI/RFP and offer preparation (collecting and specifying requirements, offer selection process),
  • support in selecting card systems (transactional, accounting, reporting, monitoring, etc.),
  • card profile definition support,
  • integration of payment systems with other systems used by the client,
  • card system maintenance,
  • support in the configuration and parameterization of card systems.


We have our own analyst and programming team. It allows us to design, develop and implement an IT system, that fits our client’s specific needs or to adapt existing solutions.

“Tailored” solutions

While developing „tailored solutions”, we cover the whole process:

  • collecting requirements,
  • preparing functional design,
  • preparing technical design,
  • programming and unit tests,
  • preparing test scenarios,
  • integration tests,
  • UAT support,
  • preparing and conducting data migration,
  • post-implementation service and support.

Off the shelf solutions

We collaborate with vendors of state-of-the-art software, mainly for the electronic payments industry. Each client’s needs differ, so we help them in adapting off the shelf systems.

Our clients often decide to reorganize their IT structure.
It’s driven by the changing regulations, it’s enforced by the new group standards or it stems from the need to optimize costs. We are able to help the IT management to successfully implement those changes, ensuring that they stay in line with industry’s best practices and legal requirements.

As a part of this domain we create scenario business plans, feasibility studies, we evaluate payment projects, as well as prepare recommendations aimed at improving our customers’ financial performance. As part of a typical business project we analyze data (customer and market) and generate conclusions. Business consultancy requires us to remain in permanent contact with the client’s team and to have in-depth understanding of the business model. Projects in this domain are usually shorter than implementation ones. Business advisory projects have high intensity and give plenty of opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Sounds interesting? Feel invited to join our team!


Meet us:

grzegorzGrzegorz Nowakowski


For 20 years active in the construction of the Polish and European electronic payments market. He has started in the “Dinosaur’s era” when the magnetic stripe cards were implemented (functioning to date in the United States and Russia for example). He has participated in the process of migration to chip and contactless cards. He led one of the world’s first projects dedicated to remote payments. Since 2012, he is also associated with Fastino, vendor of the first Polish mobile terminal (MPOS). Privately father of two super-cool kiddos: Michał and Maja. Enthusiast of skiing, aircraft and fishkeeping.

biserBiser Jorgow

Founder and Managing Partner

A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and Collegium Civitas. Has 20 years of experience as consultant and entrepreneur. From the beginning of his career associated mainly with the financial sector in the field of IT consulting, strategy and operations. He has participated in many projects for the largest financial institutions in Poland and abroad. Took part in implementation of the first central systems in banks, in mergers and acquisitions of banks and companies in the consumer finance sector, in cost optimization programs, as well as in building a bank from scratch, reorganization of departmental networks, and many others. He has established and successfully managed manufacturing companies (also as an effective “interim manager” responsible for restructuring). Specializes in difficult tasks and motivating people.

Privately father of two children, who every free moment spends playing tennis or cycling.

Our team is constantly growing. There are 40 of us at the moment working as Project Managers, Consultants, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts, IT Architects and Developers. Want to join?


Welcome to the world of electronic payments!